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La Perla

Built on a legacy of tradition spanning three generations, La Perla De Kendall offers guests delightful and memorable dishes. Each delicacy has been perfectly crafted for over 50 years. Discover the magic that is La Perla.

A Legacy of Tradition Spanning Three Generations

Our History

Our Tradition

The owner is Mrs. Laura Maruyama, who is Peruvian born and raised in her father’s restaurant of the same name in Lima, Peru which opened in 1965. Laura immigrated to the US in 2000 with a dream of bringing a piece of Peruvian cuisine to the US. Five years later, in 2005, she fulfilled her dream and opened La Perla de Kendall. Raising 5 children, Laura is imparting all of her knowledge and experience with her children to insure that they continue in the tradition. When you taste the food you will know why these recipes need to be guarded and shared! As an owner, Laura is involved in the daily operations and oversees every meal to make sure that your food is prepared and served with pride and accuracy, you will taste her love of this unique flavor in every bite. With a passion for interacting with her guests, Laura will emerge in the dining room with a smile that is as delightful as the flavors. You will feel like you are in her living room as a guest in her home enjoying recipes that have been perfected over the past 50 years.